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March 26, 2009

Featured Internship: Gutter

Gutter Magazine is Baltimore’s first and only online fashion/feature magazine. Now in their third year of operation, Gutter has expanded to include a daily site. The magazine is put up four times a year, with each issue a different theme. Gutter will be at MICA’s Internship + Career Fair on April 3 recruiting students interested in fashion photography. 

Gutter v 2 issue 1, photography: Zach Handler/JMG

Gutter v 2 issue 1, photography: Zach Handler/JMG

Featured Internship: We are looking for creative fashion conscious interns to accompany our fashion editor (a MICA grad) and photographers. With the editor, interns will get first hand lessons in dealing with a potential client, designer of store; picking clothes and choosing models for the shoots. With the photographers, they will be trained in lighting, poses and working with editors both in studio and on locations. There is no degree required, just talent an originality. As we did with our last MICA intern, we hope to allow the intern to shoot their own piece for the mag by the end of the semester.

TO APPLY: visit Gutter’s table at the Internship + Career Fair on April 3 to speak with representatives and submit a resume. Bring your portfolio.

March 23, 2009

FAQ: What do I bring to the fair?

Bring with you to the fair on April 1:

1. 20+ hard copies of your résumé. You will want to leave copies of your résumé with employers and internship providers who interest you. Bring plenty, you don’t want to make a great connection and then run out! Career Development tip: get several people to proofread your résumé.

2. Your portfolio. If you are interested in applying for a design-related job or internship then you must bring a portfolio of work to show. There are two ways to bring a portfolio:

PRINT: A print portfolio should be a small, manageable size and include physical examples of your work. This can be a folder with sleeves, or you can make your own folder or portfolio. Reproductions of work are perfectly fine.

DIGITAL: Digital portfolios are less expensive, and work just fine for showing your work to others. If you plan to show a digital portfolio, then bring your own (fully charged) laptop  and make sure that your portfolio is simple to navigate.

March 18, 2009

Résumé Makeovers

Plan to attend the Internship + Career Fair? You will want to have 20+ hard copies of your résumé to leave with employers. Don’t miss your chance to make a great first impression with an impressive résumé and score your dream job or internship. The Joseph Meyerhoff Center for Career Development is offering the following drop in times next week to help  you whip your résumé into shape:


Tuesday, 3/24  through Friday, 3/27

10:00 am – 11:00 am & 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Stop by during these times for a 15-minute one-on-one discussion of your résumé. No appointment is necessary; students will be seen on a first-come basis. Please bring a hard copy of your résumé.

Need help getting started? You can download a guide to writing résumés here.

March 18, 2009

Featured Job


Local restoration business AM Restore will attend the Internship + Career Fair on April 3rd to recruit for the following full-time employment position:

Restoration Specialist:

Restoration Specialists are needed for a specialized restoration business located in our 12,000 square foot state of the art facility in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Professional, detail oriented and skilled individuals are needed to inventory, price, and compose documentation on items undergoing restoration. Ability to identify mediums, materials, and elements before restoring item to prior damaged condition is a plus. We will train on restoration techniques, no experience is required. We hire for attitude and train for everything else. Our Art division is our fastest growing department and we’re looking for individuals to grow with us as advancement opportunitites are plenty!

To apply for this position, please visit AM Restore at the Internship + Career Fair and submit your resume.

March 18, 2009

Featured Internship


The Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden is a leading voice for contemporary art and culture and provides a national platform for the art and artists of our time. The Hirshhorn will be attending the Internship + Career Fair on April 3 to recruit for the following internship position:

Interpretive Guide Internship Program

• Facilitate in-gallery, one-on-one conversations with visitors on special exhibitions

• Rotate through a set of duties and tasks related to curatorial research, museum education, visitor services and administration

• Gain skills related to arts and museum programming

• Program includes intensive five to six week museum education training Qualifications

• Upper-level undergraduates, graduate students, and recent graduates

• Strong background in modern and contemporary art history, especially from 1945 to the present

• Good academic standing from studio art, writing, art history, and education programs

• Interest in pursuing careers in the arts and museum field

• Research, writing, organizational skills; thorough knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite

• Exceptional public speaking and communication skills and interpersonal sensitivity

The Hirschhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden will be recruiting for this internship opportunity on April 3, 2009 at the Internship + Career Fair. Bring your resume!

March 13, 2009



What is the fair?

The fair is an event for students and alumni. You will have the opportunity to meet with over 50 companies in one place (BBOX) on one day (April 3, 1-4 pm). We are really excited that so many companies are interested in coming to campus and recruiting students and alumni for jobs and internships. This is an amazing opportunity that you don’t want to miss.

Do I have to register to attend?

No. Just show up to the fair between 1pm and 4pm on April 3 in the BBOX. Be sure to be dressed professionally and have plenty of copies of your resume to leave with employers. (We suggest at least 20 hard copies of your resume.)

What do I do once I get to the fair?

Each of the 50+ companies will have a table set up in the BBOX. Walk around, take a look, and meet with companies who interest you. Representatives are expecting for you to approach them and introduce yourself. Don’t be shy—you may make an important contact! Be sure to leave a copy of your resume with companies with which you would like to be considered for a position.

Should I bring my portfolio?

If you are interested in design or communication-related positions (Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation, Video, Interactive media, Photography), then you will want to bring a copy of your portfolio to show to potential employers. You may bring a small physical portfolio of work to show, or bring your laptop to show your work. If you bring your laptop, be sure that it is fully charged. Some other fields also like to see a portfolio—conservation and restoration companies for example. Need some help with your portfolio? Stop by Joseph Meyerhoff Center for Career Development in Gateway 200 to get some feedback.

What if I don’t need a job?

Good. You either have a job or you are still in school. Coming to an event like this is a great way to make connections that could be really useful in the future. Talking with employers is great practice, and you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet professionals in your field.

If you are still a student, then you will definitely want to meet employers for internship opportunities. That is the best way to ensure you have the professional experience necessary to get a job after you graduate. Most companies hire interns for jobs once they graduate.

March 11, 2009


A closer look at: KidzArt

KidzArt is a fun and creative enrichment program that introduces students and adults to the fascinating world of contemporary and fine art. Through interactive, confidence-building exercises, personal encouragement and proven instructional methods, student energies are channeled into brainstorming, problem solving, and practical application.


KidzArt offers drawing-based art education programs to children grades K-5 in Howard County and Baltimore.  Classes are generally held after school and are one hour long.


Featured Job (part-time): Instructor

KidzArt seeks energetic, caring individuals to teach afterschool drawing classes.  No experience necessary; we will train. Best candidates love children and have extremely outgoing personalities. Must be able to commute to individual school sites in Howard County and Baltimore. Job is 1-3 hours per week at $16 per hour.  Training takes place in August; teaching begins in the fall.


Featured Internship: Camp Counselor, Howard County

KidzArt runs several top-quality fine arts summer camps throughout Howard County in July and August. We are seeking individuals who need to fulfill credit hours to assist in the camps, usually 4 hours per day for each 5-day camp. 

Interested in one of these positions? Please stop by KidzArt’s table at the Internship + Career Fair on April 3, meet KidzArt staff, and submit your resume.

March 11, 2009

The Art of the Interview- wrap up and tips

Thank you to all who attended the Art of the Interview workshop with Erin Myers yesterday (3/10). Erin was a fabulous speaker, offering her insight, experience, and sense of humor in a presentation packed with useful information on interviewing for a creative position.

Some of the highlights included:

  • A very funny personal story involving David Sedaris, which perfectly illustrated the importance of researching a company before meeting with them.
  • Some examples of what not to say in a cover letter, a resume, and an interview.
  • An example of a good resume, and a better resume
  • Tips for following up after submitting your resume materials, and after the interview

    If you weren’t able to attend, here are some important points that some of us took away from the session:

    • Know the company you are applying to: Who are they? What do they do? How would you fit with their ideals, values, and environment? Do your homework!
    • Network! Get involved with local professional organizations, specific to your creative field. It really pays to meet people and build relationships in the community.
    • Use spell-check on every email and document you send! Spelling or grammatical errors may mean that your resume is automatically in the “no pile.”
    • Make a good first impression by being professional, responsible, and courteous. Say please and thank you.
    • Demonstrate confidence, but not arrogance. A little humility and flexibility will show an employer that you will be someone who is pleasant to work with, and can function as part of a team.
    • Finish strong by following up with all people you met with in the interview. Send hand-written thank you cards if you can, or at least a timely thank-you email.

    Did you attend this workshop? Feel free to comment on this post with some of the information that you left with.

    March 4, 2009

    Jordan Faye Contemporary

    A closer look at: Jordan Faye Contemporary


    Jordan Faye Contemporary was founded as a platform to give emerging artists a wider audience. Through its many locations, gallery exhibitions, website, and traveling shows, Jordan Faye Contemporary exposes a larger community to the engaging and thought-provoking work of dozens of artists. Currently the gallery represents eighteen artists, who are now at various stages in their careers. The mission is to show work that is not only of contemporary interest, but will be of lasting historical significance.


    No Dandelions Lived Here, works by Randi Reiss McCormack ('89), Beth Hoeckel

    No Dandelions Lived Here, works by Randi Reiss McCormack ('89), Beth Hoeckel

    Jordan Faye Contemporary is redefining the role of the gallery, creating exhibitions to meet the specific needs of artists and art enthusiasts in Baltimore. JFC’s main goal is promoting the work of artists we believe in, by curating innovative shows, educating collectors about the contemporary arts, and injecting passion and enthusiasm about our artists into the community. 


    Current MICA Intern Megan Seiter works in the studio of Jordan Faye Contemporary

    Current MICA Intern Megan Seiter works in the studio of Jordan Faye Contemporary

    Featured Internship Position: Jordan Faye Contemporary is looking for interns who are interested in experiencing all aspects of running a commercial gallery operation. We would love for you to have skills in using Photoshop and Illustrator. You’ll learn a variety of skills from installing exhibitions to working on putting together packages for the media, and PR. This is a hands-on experience and one no artist should miss!

    Jordan Faye Contemporary will be attending the Internship + Career Fair on April 3, 2009. If you are interested in applying for an internship with JFC, then be sure to stop by, introduce yourself, and submit a resume.

    Learn more about Jordan Faye Contemporary here.

    March 4, 2009

    Tip: Start preparing!

    Get the most out of the Internship + Career Fair by preparing now!

    1 month prior to event:

    Look at the full list of employers and internship providers. (available here)

    Do some research. Get to know the companies you plan to visit or talk to by taking a look at their websites. Know the specifics of who they are and what they do, so that you can make the best impression.

    Attend the Art of the Interview workshop.  This session will give you an opportunity to hear valuable advice on presenting yourself to potential employers. It will be held Tuesday, March 10, 3:00pm-4:30pm in Brown 320.

    Work on your resume. You will want to bring at least 20 copies of your resume to the fair to give to companies you are interested in interviewing with. Learn more about resumes here.

    Develop your “promotional packet.” Consider other materials that you will hand to or show employers, including artist cards and business cards. Think about how you will present yourself and your work.