Employer Profile: Nana Projects


NANA PROJECTS, Inc. is a company of visual alchemists inventing innovative artwork that draws people together in public spaces, strengthening their sense of community identity through shared cultural experience. The company specializes in original cultural performances, including Paper Lantern Parades and Overhead Projector Shadow Puppetry (aka “Magic Lantern Shows”).

Internship Positions:

Each semester we offer internship opportunities for 3-5 mature, enthusiastic young artists and theater makers.

Our internships are studio based informal training and work experience.  The positions also include support staff tasks for current projects and may include work as technical crew, workshop assistant and light office work dependent on current productions.

Internships last one semester, typically requires 8-12 hours per week totaling approximately 120 hours over a 3-4 month semester.

We can assist in meeting needs for college credit.