Employer Profile: Full Circle Photo – Baltimore, MD

Full Circle Photo


Panoramic photographer, Dave Orbock, established the studio as a means for producing his very large format panoramic photos. In the last 25 years, the business has grown to include clients from Baltimore, the Mid-Atlantic region, the nation and indeed across the globe. Fine artists and photographers come to Full Circle for simply the best photographic printing and presentation services around. The staff are highly trained in their craft and have a wealth of knowledge to create very special, lasting pieces of artwork. The business works with individual artists as well as educational institutions, corporate entities, government organizations, and non-profit groups to name a few. The business has diversified over the years and now hosts photography exhibitions while working on workshop programs with local universities and community groups – creating a stronger arts community in the Baltimore region.

Internship Positions

We are seeking visual artists with either a background or interest in fine art presentation, traditional photographic print practices, or digital print media. We have three departments within the studio: framing, traditional services, and digital services. Interns will work closely with specialists in each department, gaining hands-on experience in professional print production, or finishing, while being introduced to the business of running a small studio. Prospective interns should express a clear interest to work within one of the specific departments. However, time will be spent working within other departments as well. Duties may include darkroom printing, scanning, image manipulation or restoration, archival pigment printing, cutting mats, mounting, laminating, and framing, as well as variety of other duties. Preferred Experience, Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Highly organized, Committed to excellence, Cooperative working skills, Able to lift up to 50lbs., Flexible in responsibilities, Familiar with traditional B&W and Color photographic processes, Experience in Photoshop CS5, Experience using flatbed and virtual drum scanning equipment, Experience using large format printers Experience cutting mats and mounting artwork.