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February 24, 2015

Employer Profile: Smithsonian American Art Museum

SI large color

The Smithsonian American Art Museum is the oldest federal museum, with one of the largest and most inclusive collections of American art in the world. The Renwick Gallery (currently closed for renovations) is part of the Smithsonian American Art Museum and displaying American crafts. The museum’s galleries are located in a large historic building on F Street, N.W., which is shared with the National Portrait Gallery. This building also houses the Lunder Conservation Center and the Luce Foundation Center, the first visible art storage and study center in Washington D.C.

1.) Summer Program, 2015

Unpaid/ Internship/ Start Date: 6/8/2015

The Summer Program is eight weeks, full time, with selected students placed in one museum department or office that is related to their career interests. Placements are available in most of the museum’s departments and offices; see this webpage for more details on each museum area: Applicants may suggest possible placements in their statement of purpose. An application consists of a statement of career interests, a resume or CV, and official or unofficial transcripts, for all schools above high school, sent to the Intern Program Officer at this email address: Students applying to the Exhibitions department must provide the website address for their portfolio and should detail their software program knowledge and experience in their resumes. The deadline for application submissions, by MICA students, is March 13, 2015


Students must be four-year college graduates, college seniors, or juniors (individuals finishing their sophomore year at the time of application). Academic enrollment is not required. Graduate students will be considered for this program on an individual basis.

2.) The Advanced Level Program (museum operations and training), fall and spring semesters, 2015-2016

Unpaid (One stipend is available annually for a graduate student with excellent academics and financial need)/ Internship/ Dates: Early September, 2015 through Mid-April, 2016

This is a museum operations program; hands-on department assignments are combined with weekly academic workshops and seminars. The program takes place during the fall and spring semesters, with participation 20 hours weekly. There is a possible one semester, full-time, option. Intern placements are available in most of the museum’s departments and offices. See this webpage for more details on each museum area: For the first semester, students are assigned to an area related to their career interests (suggestions for placement may be made in the student’s statement of purpose). During the second semester, participants may choose their own assignment, in consultation with the Intern Program Officer. An application to this program consists of a statement of career interests, a resume or CV, official or unofficial transcripts, for all schools above high school, sent to the Intern Program Officer at this email address: Students applying to the Exhibitions department must provide the website address for their portfolio and should detail their software program knowledge and experience in their resumes. The deadline for application submissions, by MICA students, is April 1, 2015.


Applicants should be graduate students, four-year college graduates, or college seniors with some previous experience. Academic enrollment is not required for application.

February 23, 2015

Employer Profile: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Springfield, VA


NGA provides timely, relevant, and accurate geospatial intelligence in support of national security.


Paid/ Internship/ Summer 2017 (security clearance takes a while)

Applicants are NOT required to submit a cover letter. The entire cover letter CANNOT exceed the specified limits provided in the Cover Letter field (20,000 characters). Pages exceeding this limit will not be considered. THE COVER LETTER IS RECOMMENDED BUT IS NOT REQUIRED FOR EMPLOYMENT CONSIDERATION WITH THE NATIONAL GEOSPATIAL-INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. Applicants should place their narrative information in the appropriate field on the Job History and Cover Letter Text Page.
Pay Band, Salary Range – Ext Band 01 $20,975 – $56,790 Band 02 $40,033 – $76,498
Permanent Change in Station
PERMANENT CHANGE IN STATION: PCS expenses are not authorized.
NGA Marketing Message
The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), the World Leader in Geospatial Intelligence.
Imagine being able to identify anything on, above, or beneath the Earth’s surface and display that information visually to provide a meaningful foundation for decision-making to ensure the safety of the world. That’s the job of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.
We analyze imagery and data from many sources and incorporate it into visual displays of essential information for use in national defense, homeland security, and safety of navigation.
Central to the success of our mission are the extraordinary talents and skills of our teams of analysts and other professionals. We need the best minds to provide the information edge, continuing NGA’s role as the premier provider of Geospatial Intelligence worldwide.
Know the Earth… Show the Way… Understand the World
Assignment Description
ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION: Temporary Hire Students perform a variety of functions and tasks in support of
the organization to which they are assigned. Work assignments will involve problem identification, analysis, and resolution. Specific duties may include the preparation and presentation of briefings directly related to work assigned. They must be in attendance at and enrolled in a graduate, baccalaureate, or associate degree program. They are placed on one-year temporary appointments, which can be extended in one-year increments until the student graduates. Their appointment terminates upon graduation or when the student no longer attends school, even if the expiration date on the current appointment has not been reached.
Promotion Opportunity
PROMOTION OPPORTUNITY: Promotion opportunities allow applicants at all band levels to be considered. Qualifications for NGA positions do not include specific time-in-band requirements. NGA will emphasize quality of experience, rather than duration, and assess how the quality of the experience demonstrates possession of the knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies necessary for successful job performance in the NGA occupational structure.
Additional Information
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: NGA views student employees as our future workforce. The work performed is professional in nature and is conducted in a learning environment that gives the student the opportunity to be evaluated for potential long term employment. Student employment assignments are based on entry level professional job descriptions and will involve a great deal of independent work under the guidance of a senior level supervisor and mentor.
Temporary Hire Students perform a variety of functions and tasks which require pursuit of a degree in one or more
of the following fields or work roles:
– Advanced Visualization Specialist
– Architecture
– Cartography
– Communications
– Contract Specialist
– Geodetic Surveying
– Multimedia Specialist
– Photogrammetric Image Science
– Photogrammetry
– Thermal Infrared Image Science – Throughput Strategies
– Visual Information Specialist
– Web Engineering
For a more detailed explanation of NGA work roles please visit:

Visual Information Specialist

Paid/ Full Time/ Start Date: TBD

Imagine being able to identify anything on, above, or beneath the Earth’s surface and display that information visually to provide a meaningful foundation for decision-making to ensure the safety of the world. That’s the job of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), the world leader in Geospatial Intelligence.

Put the skills you’ve learned at the Maryland Institute College of Art to work at NGA as a Visual Information Specialist. This exciting position gives you the opportunity to design, produce, and finish visual products such as geospatial information products, publications, brochures, and web pages. You will also apply design principles to create or enhance visual materials, visually communicate concepts or ideas, and generate hardcopy, softcopy, and web products using desktop publishing, illustration, image editing, graphic design, and/or digital video.

For more details or to apply, go to or

MANDATORY QUALIFICATION CRITERIA: For this particular job, applicants must meet all competencies reflected under the Mandatory Qualification Criteria to include education (if required). Online resumes must demonstrate qualification by providing specific examples and associated results, in response to the announcement’s mandatory criteria specified in this vacancy announcement:

1. Demonstrated experience applying basic theories and principals of graphic layout design.
2. Demonstrated experience applying creative and analytic thinking to implement design ideas that communicate effectively.
3. Demonstrated experience applying knowledge and experience of the Adobe Creative Suite (CS) including InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat for the production of print and digital products.
4. Demonstrated experience visualizing complex data from various sources effectively; authoring and editing information graphics (Infographics).
5. Demonstrated experience reviewing and providing critical feedback of graphic compositions.

EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS: A. Education: Two-year degree in Graphic Arts, Graphic Design, Photography, Visual Communication, or a related field. -OR-
B. Combination of Education and Experience: A combination of education in any area listed in option A and experience that demonstrates the ability to successfully perform the duties associated with this work. As a rule, every 30 semester (45 quarter) hours of college work is equivalent to one year of experience. Candidates should show that their combination of education and experience totals to 2 years.



User Experience Architect

Paid/ Full-Time Position/ Start Date: TBD (CDO note: lengthy security check required)

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is looking to hire intelligenct, creative problem solvers with a deep understanding of best-practices in user-centered design to work as user experience (UX) designers and researchers. NGA is rapidly transitioning to a modern, user-focused web environment; this is your opportunity to be a part of that transformation.

As a UX Designer, your job will be to create useful, engaging, and accessible web experiences for our users. You will be at the forefront of NGA’s growing User Experience arena, working with a talented design team applying user-centered design principles to produce high-quality web experiences–from concept to execution–across various platforms. You must have excellent UI/UX skills with solid knowledge of user interaction and visual design. You will be hands-on with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You should have solid communication skills and be comfortable working on a team in a collaborative environment. You should also have an interest in technology and the know-how to multitask.

As a UX Researcher, your job will be to help discover what it takes to make a user’s web experience more intuitive and accessible. You will work to learn what our users need and want from NGA’s products and services. You will lead the charge to determine what our users are seeking in our web environment by conducting primary research, exploring the actions and motivations of our users, and working with teams of designers and developers to create new features. You will connect with customers and internal experts to develop a solid understanding of user’s behaviors to help deliver highly functional design through multiple iterations of design and testing, to include leading focus groups, and conducting hueristic reviews, prototyping, task analysis, and usability testing. You will communicate your findings by delivering instructive writted and visual presentations. You should be comfortable working on a team in a collaborative environment and have the know-how to multitask.

This announcement will be used to fill a number of positions over the course of the fiscal year.

Online application:

February 23, 2015

Employer Profile: Maryland Science Center, Baltimore, MD


The Exhibits Fabrication department at the Maryland Science Center designs and builds exhibits that enable visitors to discover science through hands-on experiences.  Our current project is Science City “- an exhibit that highlights the science in our everyday lives.”

Exhibit Prototyping and Fabrication Intern

Unpaid/Internship/ Start Date: ASAP- Summer

Internship duties:

>> Fabricate and finish exhibit components out of wood, plastic, and metal using construction drawings supplied by exhibit staff

>> Assist with exhibit shop operation, including building jigs and fixtures

>> If the intern is willing and able, he/she will also be responsible for designing and prototyping exhibit components



>> Significant experience safely using all common woodworking tools (including table saw, jointer, miter saw, router, band saw, drill press, power sanders) to create finished projects

>> Experience finishing with paint and stain

>> Ability to work from dimensioned construction drawings

Helpful, but not necessary:

>> Ability to communicate ideas via 2D drawings or 3D models

>> Ability to engineer devices with moving parts

>> Experience with 3-axis mill and metal lathe

Exhibit Graphics Intern

Unpaid/ Internship/ Start Date: Summer or Fall 2015

>> Create engaging content graphics and infographics that supplement hands-on exhibits

>> Design logos for “Science City” storefronts

>> Create environmental graphics that add to the immersive “Science City” environment



>> Experienced in Adobe CS, especially Illustrator and Photoshop.  InDesign ability is helpful but not required.

>> Ability to create graphics that fit content, layout, and graphic standards requirements

>> Ability to refine designs based on staff feedback

Helpful, but not necessary:

>> Interest / ability to create large-scale graphics via non-print methods (i.e. painting, stenciling, 3D cutouts)\

>> Ability to communicate ideas through sketches and drawings

Exhibit Artist

Paid/ Internship/ Start Date: Summer or Fall 2015

>> Design, create, and paint props to enrich the “Science City” exhibit

>> Paint decorative textures for “Science City” building facades


>> Interest in illustration and/or set design

>> Comfortable painting with acrylics at large scale

>> Ability to communicate ideas through sketches and drawings

February 23, 2015

Employer Profile: The Mitchell School of Fine Arts, Baltimore, MD


Originally established in 1965 by Elizabeth Byrd Mitchell, the Mitchell School of Fine Arts provides professional fine art instruction to beginner and advanced students in the tradition of the European Masters. Our small classes provide students with a high degree of personal attention, and the experienced faculty teaches creative problem solving skills in a supportive and encouraging environment.  We provide a teaching studio space where Baltimore creates, discusses, and celebrates art.

Summer Camp CIT

Unpaid/ Internship/ Start Date: Summer

-take primary responsibility for the health, well-being and happiness of campers

-Recognize and respond to opportunities for group problem solving

-Supervise, assist instructors and actively participate in all aspects of the day

-Meet/communicate regularly with Director regarding concerns, updates, challenges

-Prepare for and actively participate in pre camp training and weekly meetings

-Observe camper behavior, assess its appropriateness, enforce appropriate safety regulations and

-emergency procedures and apply appropriate behavior-management techniques

-Set a Good example for campers in all areas, including cleanliness, punctuality, clean-up chores, rules, and attitude


-Loves kids!

-Loves art!

-In college for and/or practicing artist (or art enthusiast)

-Demonstrates experience working with children

-Ability to teach and lead recreational activities

-The desire and ability to work in a cooperative team oriented atmosphere

-Excellent character, integrity and adaptability

-Ability to communicate and work with a variety of age and skill levels

Art Education Administrative Position

Internship/ Unpaid/ Dates: March & April 2015

-Up to 20 hours per week

Responsibilities include but are not limited to

-General administrative duties and support: file, organize, email and stock general office/art supplies

-Handling customer interactions, follow up process

-Assisting in volunteer management and coordination

-Writing/edit facebook, website, and helping coordinate and generate content for both.

-Creating/designing and posting flyers


-Enrolled at college preferred

-Highly organized, detail-oriented, follows deadlines, juggles multiple tasks, takes initiative, and can manage own workload.

-Excellent organizational skills

-Proficiency with Microsoft Excel, Facebook, Instagram a plus

February 20, 2015

Employer Profile: The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts/ Washington National Opera Costume Shop


The Kennedy Center, located on 17 acres overlooking the Potomac River in Washington, D.C., is America’s living memorial to President Kennedy as well as the nation’s busiest arts facility. Touring Kennedy Center productions and its television, radio, and Internet broadcasts reach more than 40 million people around the world each year. As part of the Kennedy Center’s Performing Arts for Everyone program, more than 400 free performances are offered each year featuring international, national, and local artists. These include daily 6 p.m. concerts on the Millennium Stage—now in its 16th year—which are streamed live over the Internet and digitally archived on

In recent years the Kennedy Center has dramatically expanded its education programs to reach young people, teachers, and families throughout the nation.  A clear sign of the Center’s commitment to the arts for young people and families is the Family Theater, which opened in 2005. This state-of-the-art, accessible theater of 320 seats presents performances for young people. The education programs of the Kennedy Center have become models for communities across the country and have unlocked the door to learning for millions of young people.

Washington National Opera- Costume Studio Internship

Unpaid/Internship/June, 2015

The Washington National Opera Costume Studio produces costumes for all WNO productions with the help of a professional staff of patternmakers, stitchers and crafts artisans in a state of the art costume facility. Interns will have the opportunity to improve and broaden costume construction skills, gain in depth understanding of the day to day operations of a professional costume shop, and work as part of a costume construction team.


Qualified candidates are those with an interest in pursuing a career in costume management or technology, with basic to intermediate stitching or costume craft skills. Candidates should provide access to a portfolio of their costume work, either in print or on line

February 20, 2015

Employer Profile: Maryland China Company, Reisterstown, MD


Maryland China Company offers a range of over 2,000 porcelain and ceramic items and specializes in working with designers to produce dinnerware and gift ware items.

Freelance Designer

Paid/ Part-Time Position/ Start Date: April 2015

Maryland China is looking for a graphic designer to produce a new line of dinnerware and gift ware items.  Please present a design portfolio, preferably with examples of dinnerware designs. Designer will receive a stipend for the project and Maryland China will finance the production and promotion of the new line of items including featuring the line at the NY NOW gift show in January 2015. Applicants for the position must be willing to travel to New York for the NY NOW gift show in January 2016 and participate in marketing and interviews promoting the product line.


Graphic design (Photoshop and Illustrator) -Marketing

February 19, 2015

Employer Profile: Single Carrot Theater, Baltimore, MD


Mission Statement – The Single Carrot Theatre ensemble is a driving force for theatrical innovation in Baltimore—championing new, diverse, and socially significant works; reinvigorating the classics; creating vibrant theatrical experiences; and fiercely supporting the growth of young artists.

Single Carrot Theatre was started by a group of University of Colorado at Boulder theater students in 2005 and set out to find the best city in America to move and make their art. In 2007 Single Carrot Theatre moved to Baltimore and started producing work. We have grown into a $350,000 annual arts organization with 4 Full Time employees, 2 Part Time employees and a number of freelance artists.

Freelance Designer

Paid/ Part-Time Position/ Start Date: As Needed

Come talk to us!


Mind blowing skills.

February 19, 2015

Announcement: NEW JOBS all over the blog!

Due to a technical glitch in the registration process, some jobs available at the fair were not added to the blog earlier.  Take a look at the posts for the companies listed below to see their most up-to-date information, including paid internships, full time and part time jobs!

Art With A Heart

Baltimore Museum of Industry

BlueRock Productions & Studio 


The BOSS Group




Center Stage


Feats Inc

Firaxis Games

Globe Collection and Press

Hardly Square

Herman Maril Foundation

Higher Achievement



K12 Insight

Make Studio





Society of Illustrators

Stone Soup Films

TSL Marketing

University of Maryland Medical System

The White House


February 19, 2015

Employer Profile: La-Z-Boy, Annapolis & Bel Air, MD


Things have really evolved since La-Z-Boy first introduced the recliner in 1928. Over the subsequent decades, our product line has grown to include a myriad of pieces and styles, and our brand name has become highly recognized across the country and around the globe. But throughout our history, one fact has remained constant: The La-Z-Boy brand name is synonymous with comfort and quality.

Interior Designer

Paid/ Full-Time Position/ Start Date: March 2015

The position of the In-Home Designer is responsible for designing and creating comfortable and functional environments that represent client’s lifestyle and taste. The Designer will strive to create long-term relationships that will lead to increased sales and profitability.


• Bachelor’s degree in design or equivalent work experience required

• Excellent customer service skills and organizational skills

• Strong interpersonal skills to effectively communicate and build rapport

• Self-management to demonstrate self-control and the ability to manage time and priorities

• Teamwork – Work effectively and productively with others

• Initiative to meet assigned goals, missions and objectives

Interior Design Associate

Paid/ Part-Time Position/ Start Date: March 2015

Responsible for creating sales utilizing exceptional customer service and knowledge of La-Z-Boy products and services. Strive to create long-term customer relationships that will lead to increased sales and profitability. Develop awareness of interior design through practical experience, observation and interaction with a La-Z-Boy Designer. Assist the Interior Designer in designing and creating comfortable and functional environments that represent client’s lifestyle, taste and budget.


•Currently enrolled in or graduate of an Architectural Design program or a minimum of three (3) to five (5) years design experience in a comparable home furnishings role

•Previous selling experience strongly preferred

•Experience in using floor and space planning applications

•Knowledgeable of general principles of home décor and design (i.e., furniture, carpet, draperies, and color schemes.)

•Excellent communication skills, customer service skills, and organizational skills

•Strong interpersonal skills to effectively communicate and build rapport

•Ability to effectively manage time and conflicting priorities

•Ability to work effectively and productively with others as a team

•Ability to work the schedule and hours dictated by business needs

•Ability to work evenings, weekends and holidays as required

February 19, 2015

Employer Profile: Pure Bang Games, Baltimore, MD


Pure Bang Games is a small, but scrappy indie game studio in Baltimore, MD with a mission to take over the world.  Our games have been played by millions of people around the globe.  We are looking for exceptionally skilled artists who want to learn and grow in a fun, creative environment making games.

2D Art Intern

Unpaid/ Start Date: May

We are looking for a passionate 2D artist to create whimsical, fantasy themed illustrations. The ideal candidate has a strong understanding of form, function, and 3D perspective.  They must be prepared to design characters, environments, weapons, mechanical concepts, and UI (this may also include UI support such as icons, wrapper screens, etc).


• Quick sketching ability

• Ability to communicate visually, and to identify and define visual design issues and solutions

• Excellent design skills, including the use of color, form, lighting and composition

• A passion for games

• Knowledgeable in the use of Photoshop, Illustrator, and/or Flash

3D Art Intern

Unpaid/ Start Date: May

We are looking for an exceptionally skilled 3D artist to join our team and help craft the visuals for a new fantasy game world.

The ideal candidate has experience modeling and texturing a diverse visual range of characters and creatures. A solid grasp of form, structure, color, and light for both 2D and 3D art assets is essential. The ideal candidate works well in an environment with peers who are passionate about making great games.


• Demonstrated proficiency modeling and texturing characters using 3ds Max and Photoshop (or equivalent 3D and 2D programs).

• An exceptional understanding of human and creature anatomy and a keen eye towards form, shape, structure, and silhouette in regards to modeling.

• Superior eye for light, shade, color and detail in creating texture maps.

• Skills in both organic and hard surface modeling and texturing.

• Self-motivation, good communication skills, and a great team-player attitude.

• Ability to receive constructive feedback from management, peers, and other creative sources as well as critique other artists’ work; loves the iterative and creative process.

• Understanding and passion for the imagery of fantasy worlds.