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January 28, 2016

Employer Profile:, New York, NY


Cosmopolitan is the lifestylist magazine for millions of fun fearless females who want to be the best they can in every area of their lives.


Unpaid/ Internship/ Summer 2016

Graphic Design Internship.

Freelance Motion Designer

Freelance graphic designer
Paid/ Freelance/ Dates: TBD
Freelance Motion Designer (Snapchat)
Paid/ Freelance/ Dates: TBD
January 27, 2016

Employer Profile: Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD


Complex problems can only be addressed by sophisticated teams. HEMI members are globally recognized experts in the fundamental science of materials and structures under extreme conditions. We are dedicated to improving the human condition by working with government, industry and national institutions to develop science-based tools. We not only teach the world how to think about materials in extreme environments, but also design materials for extreme conditions.
Through our collaborations, we bring together the best scientists and engineers in the world to address some of the most difficult technological challenges of our time.

MICA/ HEMI 2016 Summer Project/Internship

Paid/ Internship/ Summer 2016

The goal of this project/internship is explore visual representations of the HEMI organization, structure, current research, and relationships. Visual representations can include, but are not limited to: storyboarding and narrative, animation, photography, graphic design, interactive arts or products, games, information visualization, illustration, or drawing.

HEMI expects the internship to take place between June 1 and August 15, 2016.

Current MICA undergraduate or graduate students are eligible to apply for this internship. The applicant will also need to identify a MICA faculty member who will serve as the advisor for this summer project/internship.

The total award for this summer project/internship is $3,000. $2,000 will be granted to the student as a stipend that will also cover any supplies or expenses. $1,000 will be granted to the MICA faculty member for his/her time to support and oversee the development of the project.

January 27, 2016

Employer Profile: The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, MD


The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland is internationally renowned for its collection of art, which was amassed substantially by two men, William and Henry Walters, and eventually bequeathed to the City of Baltimore. The collection presents an overview of world art from pre-dynastic Egypt to 20th-century Europe, and counts among its many treasures Greek sculpture and Roman sarcophagi; medieval ivories and Old Master paintings; Art Deco jewelry and 19th-century European and American masterpieces.

Studio Teaching Intern

Unpaid/ Internship/ Summer 2016

The School Programs Department at the Walters Art Museum is seeking undergraduate and graduate art education students who are interested in gaining practical teaching experience in a museum setting. Each year, we serve approximately 15,000 students in our studio spaces. K-12 classes visit the museum for a curriculum-based guided tour and then participate in a studio experience. Successful candidates will lead these classes. Interns will mostly teach elementary and middle school students. Interns must commit to at least one day a week, at least three hours per day (Studio classes occur Tuesday – Friday between 10 am-2 pm). You must be available at least a half hour prior to your class and a half hour after your class for set up and clean up. More hours are available if interested. Credit can be arranged with your professor if desired.

Gallery Teaching Intern

Unpaid/ Internship/ Summer 2016

The School Programs Department seeks undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in gaining practical teaching experience in a museum setting to lead interactive and interdisciplinary tours for K-12 students.  Successful candidates are enthusiastic, motivated, resourceful, and dependable. They should have some knowledge or experience in teaching, museum education, art history and/or studio practices. Training takes place on Wednesdays from 1-5 p.m. from September 11 to October 16 and covers learning theory, teaching techniques, and the Walters’ collection to provide interns with the skills to develop and lead tours.

January 27, 2016

Employer Profile: St. Francis Neighborhood Center, Baltimore, MD


St. Francis Neighborhood Center is committed to breaking the cycles of generational poverty through education, inspiring self-esteem, self-improvement, and strengthening connections to the community.

By utilizing mediums such as education, art, well-being, and spirituality, we work to provide people with the tools they need to advance their lives financially, spiritually, and socially, while fostering positive interpersonal and community connections. This in turn gives people a sense of self-empowerment, which is the principle driving force in creating extraordinary change within individuals and the community.

Summer Internships

Unpaid/ Internship/ Summer 2016

Summer Internships in which the applicant would work with 15 underprivileged and needy children from the ages of 5 – 14 years old. Art heavy activities would be infused into classroom curriculum and enrichment lessons. The classroom consists of an additional instructor, (2) youth workers and volunteers.  Intern will be supervised by a staff art instructor, some of whom are MICA alumni.


January 27, 2016

Employer Profile: Single Carrot Theatre, Baltimore, MD


The Single Carrot Theatre ensemble is a driving force for theatrical innovation in Baltimore – championing new, diverse, and socially significant works; reinvigorating the classics; creating vibrant theatrical experiences; and fiercely supporting the growth of young artists.

Graphic Designer

Paid/ Freelance

Web and Interactive Media 

Paid/ Freelance

Costume, Props, Scenery, Lighting, Sound Designer 2016-2017 Season 

Paid/ Freelance


Unpaid/ Internship


Volunteer Opportunities

January 26, 2016

Employer Profile: Storyfarm, Baltimore, MD


We are storytellers, using video to help organizations communicate more effectively. Storyfarm is a Baltimore-based video production company focusing on video storytelling for the web. Whether it’s working with advertising, marketing & communications or web agencies as a trusted subcontractor, or working with small, medium or large businesses directly, Storyfarm clients all get the same thing: a compelling, powerful, masterfully-told video marketing package. We don’t make websites, business cards or print campaigns. All we do is make great stuff with motion and sound for screens.

And we make it easy and fun.

Animation/ Motion Graphics

Paid/ Freelance/ Dates: TBD


Paid/ Freelance/ Dates: TBD

Editor/ Premiere

Paid/ Freelance/ Dates: TBD


January 25, 2016

Employer Profile: Custora, New York, NY


Custora is a predictive marketing platform built for e-commerce teams. Our software helps retailers acquire valuable customers and improve customer retention.

Custora analyzes data to predict how customers will behave in the future — the things they’re likely to buy, how much they’ll spend, even how often they’ll shop. These customer-specific insights enable brands to advertise and communicate in more effective and meaningful ways.

We’re on a mission to remove the “mass” from marketing with software tools that focus on customers as individuals with unique needs and interests. Our platform employs the state of the art in customer analytics methodologies and helps marketers deliver more relevant, meaningful, and effective communications. We work with some of the world’s leading e-commerce brands including Guess, Ann Taylor, Crocs, and Bonobos.

Our offices are located in the Flatiron district of Manhattan and we have a decent view of the Empire State Building from one of the windows in the back corner.

Custora began as an idea scribbled in the margins of a notepad at Wharton and blossomed as a Y Combinator participant in 2011. After securing a seed round of financing, we grew steadily as revenues increased. In the Spring of 2015 we secured a Series A round led by Foundation Capital and Greycroft Partners to further accelerate our reach and finally get that new dart board.

We work hard, work together, and care deeply about building a meaningful business, collaborative team, and exceptional culture that we’re proud to be a part of.

Communication Designer

Paid/ Full Time

Interaction Designer

Paid/ Full Time

*Freelance and Internship positions also available.

January 25, 2016

Employer Profile: Firaxis Games, Sparks Glencoe, MD


Founded in 1996, Firaxis Games is a world renowned game development studio with an unwavering mission to “build games that stand the test of time”. The name Firaxis is a fusion of “fiery” and “axis”, communicating the company’s dynamic process of game development resulting in the creation of groundbreaking titles that deliver unparalleled gameplay and endless fun to millions of gamers around the globe. Under the creative direction of industry legend Sid Meier, Firaxis has released dozens of hit games on multiple platforms and is recognized as an industry leader in game development.

In 2005, Firaxis was acquired by Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., joining their 2K Games publishing label.

In 2012, Firaxis was named as the World’s #1 Developer of the Year by Game Informer Magazine.

Summer Internships Available!

January 25, 2016

Employer Profile: Feats, Inc., Baltimore, MD

Facebook FeatsLogo_TapeWeb_L copy_medium

Feats is a full-service experience marketing agency that approaches each opportunity with a focus on creating results for your organization. Whether single event or long-term engagement effort, our eye is on impact. Our careful process ensures that strategy drives execution and creativity ensures both memorable and measurable outcomes. For 30 years, we’ve created unparalleled programs that have captured the hearts and minds of millions.

At the core of our integrated platform is the face-to-face, can’t-beat-it-for-impact live event. Where it fits, we integrate on- and off-line marketing and communications to help create lasting campaigns.

It takes something imaginative to turn a head, something extraordinary to turn the tide. It takes a feat.

Positions will be announced closer to the date of the Internship + Career Fair

January 25, 2016

Employer Profile: Cathay Future Washington Center, Rockville, MD & Tianjin, China


Cathay Future, headquartering in Tianjin of China, has a history of 23 years. And it has become a recognized leader in youth education in China. What began as seven people, working with children in the small studio, has developed into an international business that offers extra-curriculum trainings to more than 100 thousand kids.

Since the beginning of 2015, Cathay Future has formally launched a global expansion program and has established branches in Vancouver, Canada and Maryland, U.S. (Washington Center)

Our Washington Center will provide various kinds of K-12 afterschool and professional courses including Fine Arts, Music, Dancing, Chinese culture, literature, drama & theater, languages and sports, to better serve K-12 American and American born Chinese students. We also partner with private and public schools and community centers to either augment or supply their art education programs.

Art Instructor (Drawing & Painting/ Ceramic / LEGO/ Digital)

Paid/ Part Time/ Dates: TBD


Through more than 20-years of providing various kinds of K-12 afterschool and professional courses including Fine Arts, Music, Dancing, Chinese culture, literature, drama & theater, languages and sports. Cathay Future Education (, has become a pioneer and leader in the emerging field of youth education in Chinese market.

In July 2015, Cathay Future Education expanded its strategic goals and founded the Cathay Future Washington Center in Rockville Maryland, in order to serve more and more K-12 American and American born Chinese students.

Our Washington Center( is a passionate community of thinkers, where people are creative, dynamic and courageous. Our team is student-centric and has a culture of cross-divisional teamwork and collaboration.

Position Summary

We’ll provide various kinds of art classes including Digital Arts, Drawing and Painting, Mixed Media, Ceramics. Thus, we are looking for energetic and enthusiastic art instructors who have arts teaching experience in at least one of these fields above.

Job Responsibilities:

• Plans and teaches Art classes at multiple grade levels.

• Creates monthly lesson plans, including specific learning objectives for children by age.

• Modifies activities to meet the needs of individual children as needed.

• Other duties as assigned.


• Skills desired include strong communication, classroom management, organization

• College degree (Associates or Bachelors) in Early Childhood Education or related field.

• At least two years’ experience teaching and/or creating art.

• Excellent classroom management skills.

• Excellent communication (verbal and written) skills.

• Ability to motivate a group of students and explain things as creative as possible.

 Additional Positions Available:



Curriculum and Instruction Manager (Full Time)

Communications Specialist (Full Time)